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Happy Sunday! Sundays around here can vary depending on whether or not John or I have to work (usually it’s John). Today we’re both off (hooray!) so we can spend the majority of our day home with Nemo, which is our favorite way to spend any time off. John likes to work him up.

Look at that puppy face!

Since my gym doesn’t open until 8:00 on weekends, it’s typically a struggle to schedule my weekend workouts. Well, scheduling workouts is usually a struggle period. John is definitely NOT a morning person. If he’s up before 10:30 he feels like he hasn’t gotten enough sleep (he likes to stay up late, too). While I don’t enjoy getting up early, I find that I get WAY more done if I’m up as early as possible. This definitely applies to my workout schedule. If I don’t go before I have to be at the library, it’s a good bet that I won’t go at all. A typical day for me means getting up around 5:15, throwing on my gym togs and heading out. I try to do 45 minutes of cardio 4-5 days a week and a free weight routine every other day. Then I’ll head home and get ready for work. Of course, this means that I’m completely wiped out by, oh, 9:00 pm, which makes for an unhappy John (he likes hanging out with me for some reason). I try to stay up until around 11:30, but then it’s hard for me to get up as early as I need to. Oh, the difficulties of married life!

Back to weekends, though. Since the gym opens so late, I can’t go there to work out if I have to be at the library and if I’m off, Nemo is usually up by then and ready for action. For instance, shortly after I woke up this morning and starting breakfast, I was greeted by this sleepy guy:

That’s my baby when he first wakes up, still in his Puppy PJ’s. So I wait until John gets up so that Nemo doesn’t bug John while he’s trying to sleep, but then I’m hungry so I make coffee and breakfast.

This is me when I first wake up, before coffee and breakfast:

Yikes. Because I like being married to my husband, I figure it’s a good idea if I have coffee and breakfast as soon as possible. A hungry, tired Stacy is a crabby Stacy. So I made egg whites with veggies, nutritional yeast and toast….

….and iced coffee.

Shiny Norman watched while I cooked.


A well-nourished Stacy is a strong, cheerful Stacy!

So now I have to wait until my food digests a bit before I can work out. Now John’s awake, too. Guess we’ll just have to watch a BABYLON 5! After that, I’ve got a big day ahead of me, involving playing with puppy and hanging with husband. And maybe going to the gym.

How do you schedule your weekend workouts?


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