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Friday Post — Attempt The Second

Gha. I just lost the bulk my post. Stoopid computer. Because I’m sure it’s the computer’s fault : /

Recently, The Boy and I have been doing a BABYLON 5 rewatch. We’re on the fifth season and it is sucktastic. It’s been awhile since I first saw B5 and the rest of the series is pretty full of The Awesome (except for the possibly MORE sucktastic first season), but the stench from the fifth season? Complete poo.


I could not could not COULD NOT roust myself for my workout this morning, so exercise for the day consisted of taking The Puppy for a 1.75 mile walk to the dog park after work. But first!

There was breakfast, which consisted of Fiber One cereal with Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze and iced coffee with more UVAB and Splenda. I had a Luna Protein bar for a snack and then Oberweiss ice cream for a second snack (thanks, evil boss who brings delicious ice cream). I did go easy on the ice cream, though. I had a little less than half a cup. I had a Larabar for lunch and then Lean Cuisine Garlic Chicken Spring Rolls. Of course, I took pictures of none of it.

But I did take pictures of dinner!

I made roasted red potatoes. I cut up some spuds….

….added olive oil from an atomizer (LOVE that thing!), ground rosemary and coarse salt….

….and roasted it for ~45 minutes at 400 degrees.

I also made myself a HUGE salad. I cut up this….

….and some of these.

I added grape tomatoes and a bit of fat free feta cheese. I dressed it with this:

I grilled up some chicken breasts….

(I am in love with my grill pan, by the way)

….and dinner was served.

Oh, I also added some crumbled blue cheese to the potatoes. Done and yum. And just for fun, here’s a picture of the ridiculously large wheel of blue cheese I found in my freezer:

I probably should have put something next to it for scale. It’s about as big as my head. Christmas gift from the boss. I think he’s trying to kill me with food.

For dessert, The Boy and I enjoyed White Russian mix blended with ice cream (low fat stuff this time).

I’m so excited! One of my best friends is visiting this weekend from Minnesota. She’s a vegetarian, so I decided that we should take advantage of that. We’re going to the Chicago Diner. Then we’re going shopping. I can’t wait!


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I Need A Vacation

Yes, already.

My assistant did a fantastic job of keeping things under control in my absence. However, some things could only be resolved by me and I consequently spent the better part of my day putting out fire after fire.

Enough said about that.

The last day of vacation was luxuriously relaxing. We went for a looooong walk with The Puppy, then enjoyed margaritas on the deck while Nemo splashed around in his puppy pool. Then The Boy and I gussied ourselves up and went out for a nice dinner together to celebrate the Big Day.

We went to Crofton On Wells, a place I had been to with my boss last October. I remember the food being phenominal, and while quite good, I didn’t think it really justified the cost. I had the Summer Pasta and The Boy had the duck. My pasta was damn tasty. It was loaded with veggies and had a delicious, light green-ish sauce. I have no idea what was in it and I didn’t take any pictures of the food (really have to remember that next time). I did, however, manage to ask our waiter to snap a picture of The Boy and me.

Isn’t he adorable?

I ended up going to bed WAAAY too late and had a heck of a time getting up the next morning for my run. I managed to drag myself out of bed around 5:30, though, and got myself to the gym. I tried to stay positive.

I’m not even joking when I say that looking at my nicely polished toenails lifted my spirits and actually got me out the door.

And then I had one of the worst workouts ever. I felt slow, sluggish, heavy and tired. I’m not sure if it was because I hadn’t run since Sunday or because I ate too much of the wrong things or because I had such little sleep, but I couldn’t even make it a mile before I had to take a walk break. I managed to get in two and half miles (I did run one and a half of those), but holy crap it was painful.

Breakfast was toast with sunflower butter and an iced coffee with Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze and Splenda.

I had a ridiculously long day at work (9-9), so lunch and dinner were fast. Smart Ones Pizza Minis for lunch with another iced coffee, and a Tall Coffee Light Frappucino, a Jimmy John’s Slim Roast Beef (with most of the bread torn out of the middle — I love crust, but I’m not so much about the mushy middle) and a single-serving bag of PopChips. I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of my dinner because my boss came into my office and talked to me during my whole dinner break. I guess that’s the price I have to pay for having five days off. Sigh.

Next time: What I had for breakfast on Friday. STAY TUNED!!!

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Six Flags Great America and Wings Aplenty

I couldn’t find my camera for most of the day, so I didn’t take any pictures, but trust me–today was FUN. Our plan was to visit my mother, help her connect her new computer to the web, and leave her to puppy sit Nemo for a couple of hours so that we could visit Six Flags Great America. For reasons better left unexplained, we got season passes for free and had only used them once. We wanted to go in, ride two coasters, and leave. And that’s pretty much exactly what we did. We got started later than expected due to rain, but the weather cleared and Nemo came out of hiding, so we took ourselves North.

We (I) were a bit nervous about leaving Nemo. He had never stayed with a sitter before, except for when one of my staff members lets him out during the day if I can’t make it home, and then it’s in his own environment and I have left strict instructions. This situation was basically us dropping him off with some snacks, a toy and his leash and saying, “See ya!” it was pretty sad when we left. He was looking at us through the window barking as we pulled away. Sigh.

Since it had been rainy and since it was a weekday, the park was pretty empty. We hopped on The Demon, waited only half an hour for Raging Bull, and at the last minute rode Logger’s Run. It was fun, quick, and stress free.

We then collected our son (who did just fine, by the way. Thanks, Grandma!), made a stop at PetSmart and Buffalo Wild Wings, and headed home. Here’s the one picture I snapped with my phone on the way home:


Food consumption was much more controlled today (aside from the wings) and I managed to record almost all of it on MFP. Now I’m enjoying a glass of red wine and watching LEO THE
LAST with The Boy as The Puppy sleeps on top of the sofa cushions behind us.

Another good day was had by all : D

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I Resisted the Nutella with crackers that night, but ate half a loaf of bread — AND the Nutella with crackers — the next day.

This morning dawned with a yet another commitment to record everything I eat and to try to make what I put in my mouth as nutritionally sound as possible. I ate two slices of Healthy Life toast with half a tablespoon of almond butter on one piece and half a tablespoon of sunflower butter on the other. I also had coffee with Splenda and a quarter cup of Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze. I tracked my food on

This last week or so has been a particularly difficult one for me food-wise. It started with a binge last Wednesday. I haven’t had too many full-on binges in my life, but that’s what this felt like. Out of control eating, not really tasting the food or being hungry, and vaguely aware that I was trying to fill a space inside that wasn’t my stomach, and the knowledge that i was engaging in self-destructive behavior.

My stomach was, of course, the space I ended up filling. Before I knew it, I was uncomfortably full after eating half of a pretty decently sized loaf of Italian bread and most of a brick of cheddar cheese. I was sitting on the sofa with a mostly eaten bag of pita chips and a mostly empty jar of Nutella. I threw the rest of both away, I was so angry with myself. As I contemplated how much food I had just consumed, I hated myself possibly more than I ever have before. I lost it. I cried over my lack of self-control, over the fact that I had been trying for over a year to lose 20 pounds and “couldn’t,” over my inability to make myself throw up everything I had just eaten, and over the things that caused me to binge like that in the first place.

And here’s where it gets dicey.

I can’t really talk about that stuff right now. It’s a situation that had come out in my therapy session the day before, and my gut is telling me that the binging was a delayed reaction to the pain that I was feeling. I didn’t want to think about the issue, so I ate instead. I found something I could blame myself for. I can’t blame anyone BUT myself for eating too much, right?

Anyway, I managed to pull myself together and get on with the evening. I even managed to stop hating myself. Friday I made a nice dinner for The Boy and me to enjoy as we kicked off our mini-vacation to celebrate our anniversary. I made duck breasts and wild rice “stuffing.” I made praline bread pudding (why I had the Italian bread in the first place) for dessert. I ate a reasonable amount of all of it.

We still have the next couple of days off together and we’ll be going out to eat a couple more times. I’m still trying to forgive myself for Wednesday night, but I know I will never forgive myself if I let my issues with food ruin the time I have with The Boy. He deserves better than that, and I’m pretty sure I do, too.

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Oh, yeah. Almost forgot.

And also, there’s this:


Enough I have said here.

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Using the iPad WordPress App–let’s see if this thing works, shall we?

Wow! Tons going on, and little to do with eating consistently healthy of course. There was a lot of this:


And a bunch of this:


I worked out….


(LOVE how you can still see the mark from my sleep mask)

And I think I looked pretty decent most of the time….



(although I think my eyes are obviously different sizes:)


(so I kinda prefer myself with sunglasses)


(but I *do* think these pics are kinda cute:)



I also made some decent dinners, and snapped pictures of exactly two of them.

The first is this “Chinese noodle” dish that calls for a special noodle (probably egg, which qualifies as special for me) but I just use whole wheat pappardelle noodles.

You sauté shitake mushrooms:


Then add ground turkey, carrots, hoisin sauce and a few other things:


Then add the noodles and — what the yum??? You’ve got a tasty, hearty & healthy supper in no time.


I also ate some pizza….


….and had (let’s face it) a bit of a rough night that resulted in a binge of sorts that left me crying in bed with the dog looking on, completely perplexed. I did not take pictures.

But I rallied–and forgave myself (mostly), and made yet another resolution to eat better and to be nicer to myself. I haven’t really done either, but The Boy and I have been taking some much-needed time off to celebrate our fourth anniversary (we aren’t going anywhere–just enjoying what our beautiful city has to offer) and I am mostly happy. When I don’t look in the mirror.

I leave you with some images from our day today. It was a fantastic one. I love my guys ❤






Two more blissful days. Wish it could be forever….

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REALLY trying to resist those crackers with nutella…..

It’s Tuesday again, and once again, the week got completely ahead of me food-wise. This is going to be a shortish post to state openly and without shame that I am dying to attack a jar of nutella with some crackers or pita chips, and I’m resisting with every ounce of will power that I possess. I can’t guarantee I won’t get up at 3 am and eat the whole jar, but I will NOT eat eat before I go to bed. Stay tuned…..

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