Yes, it’s still Sunday.

The Boy (how I sometimes refer to John) decided to come with me on my walk today, and we also decided that we should take Nemo. I warned them both that I had to walk for about an hour. Nemo seemed game.

And I was ready!

Don’t know why my lips look so pink there. Anyway, since I don’t have a GPS watch (hello, Garmin 305 on my Amazon wish list!) I’ve been tracking any outdoor workouts with the endomondo app. At the very least it tells me how far I’ve gone and how long I’ve been gone.

We had intended to keep our walk pretty close to the hour mark, but when you feel good, you roll with it! We stopped to get a Slurpee along the way and I had brought Nemo’s portable bowl and a water bottle, so we were well equipped for a crazy long walk in 90-ish heat.


When we got home, Nemo passed out on Chair….

….and I poured myself a cool one.

Aahhh! I think I’m going to take a bit of a break before I attempt the weight training portion of my workout today, but I feel good about what I’ve accomplished.

Another good thing about the endomondo app? You can set your phone to upload your workout to the website, then log in and see your route and stats.

I’m kind of excited to see what my stats look like after a year of doing this. That is, if I can remember to start the app when I start to exercise….


Weight training for Sunday=MAJOR FAIL!!! I was way too tired post-walk to even think about lifting a weight. Gah. Maybe tomorrow??

Do you give in to temptation to skip a workout or do you suck it up and do it anyway?


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