Six Flags Great America and Wings Aplenty

I couldn’t find my camera for most of the day, so I didn’t take any pictures, but trust me–today was FUN. Our plan was to visit my mother, help her connect her new computer to the web, and leave her to puppy sit Nemo for a couple of hours so that we could visit Six Flags Great America. For reasons better left unexplained, we got season passes for free and had only used them once. We wanted to go in, ride two coasters, and leave. And that’s pretty much exactly what we did. We got started later than expected due to rain, but the weather cleared and Nemo came out of hiding, so we took ourselves North.

We (I) were a bit nervous about leaving Nemo. He had never stayed with a sitter before, except for when one of my staff members lets him out during the day if I can’t make it home, and then it’s in his own environment and I have left strict instructions. This situation was basically us dropping him off with some snacks, a toy and his leash and saying, “See ya!” it was pretty sad when we left. He was looking at us through the window barking as we pulled away. Sigh.

Since it had been rainy and since it was a weekday, the park was pretty empty. We hopped on The Demon, waited only half an hour for Raging Bull, and at the last minute rode Logger’s Run. It was fun, quick, and stress free.

We then collected our son (who did just fine, by the way. Thanks, Grandma!), made a stop at PetSmart and Buffalo Wild Wings, and headed home. Here’s the one picture I snapped with my phone on the way home:


Food consumption was much more controlled today (aside from the wings) and I managed to record almost all of it on MFP. Now I’m enjoying a glass of red wine and watching LEO THE
LAST with The Boy as The Puppy sleeps on top of the sofa cushions behind us.

Another good day was had by all : D


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