Today has been pretty low key. The Boy & I took The Dog for a walk this afternoon & it was COLD. The walk was not a long one.

We watched some stuff, I knitted, and I took a bunch of pictures of The Dog.


I took a bath, took a nap, then made dinner. I didn’t know what I wanted but I knew I wanted cornbread for some weird reason. So I made some.



I decided to pair it with something mildly spicy & I remembered that I had picked up some apple chicken sausage at Trader Joe’s about a week ago. I sliced up a couple of links along with a skinless boneless chicken breast. I sautéed the meat to brown it, then I added some Beaujolais & beef broth. I brought it to the boil and let it thicken.



In the meantime, I cooked some brown rice in beef stock.

I added leftover salad for me.



It was easy & super yum!

During & after dinner we watched SHERLOCK. So much fun.

I’ve got a lot on the schedule for tomorrow. Today was such a lazy day that I’ll have a ton of things to do tomorrow. Fortunately I have the day off tomorrow. Hooray for closed libraries! On the list of things to do:


Taking The Dog to PetSmart to get dogfood


Taking down Christmas decorations


Dog walking

Grocery shopping

Weekly meal planning

But first, I believe Chocohotopots are calling my name ; )


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